Seminar series in Evolutionary Biology

Colloquium of
Evolutionary Biology


In the IOME colloquium, we have internal and external speakers from all fields of evolutionary biology.

This colloquium is jointly organised by the research groups from Anthropology, Molecular Genetics, Special Botany, Evolutionary Ecology and Behavoural Ecology & Social Evolution of the Johannes Gutenberg - University Mainz.

At the moment, they are hosted online via MS Team. If you want to participate and do not have access to the MS Team or other questions please contact PD Dr. Florian Menzel ( and Prof. Ann-Kathrin Huylmans (

The colloquium is on Tuesdays at 12:15pm until approx. 1:15pm. The seminars are given in English.




04.04.23   - Prof. Emmanuel Gaquerel (University of Strasbourg, France)

Title to be announced
(hosted by Prof. Shuqing Xu)


25.04.23   -  Prof. Nate Sanders (University of Michigan, USA)

Studying (mostly) ants in meter² quadrats, on mountains, and globally to understand biodiversity on a changing planet
(hosted by Dr. Florian Menzel)